‘For the love of sleep’ Gift pack


For those who love a good night’s sleep or who need a bit of help getting some more, we have created this gift pack to help you wind down and doze off.. very pleasantly!


This beautiful pack contains a range of products to relax and soothe, which include:

  • Luxury white gloss satin sleep mask – Get that beauty sleep and protect yourself from light-induced wakefulness with these super soft and luxurious face masks. 
  • Luxury white gloss satin scrunchy – For those who’ve ever wanted to plait or put up your hair before bed, these scrunchies are your solution! They are super smooth and delicate on your hair so there is no pulling on strands, knots or tangles, just comfort and style with your matching mask!
  • Golden wattle Sleeping Beauty Tea – A luminescent amber coloured tea with a mild herbal infusion that is pleasant, yet slightly bitter echoing hints of sweetness at first impression but after a few sips, you will feel relaxed and calm (https://www.heartandhamper.com.au/product/sleeping-beauty-tea-blend/)
  • Luna skin – Harmony nourishing night cream – This cream is Infused with Calming Lavender and chamomile scented treatment for drifting off to sleep. It is rich in moisture to protect your skin from fine lines and wrinkles at night. (https://www.heartandhamper.com.au/product/luna-harmony-night-cream/)
  • Lavender day dream Mega bath bomb – Has a beautiful lavender aroma and is filled with products which help to hydrate, relax and destress, such as Lavender essential oils, epsom salts and coconut oil.